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How to Decide If You Should See a Doctor

Sometimes it's tough to decide if you should see a doctor. If you want to see a doctor, you have to make an appointment, wait in the waiting room with all of the other sick people, and deal with leaving the comfort of your own home. While it's easier to just take some DayQuil or Advil, sometimes you just need to get out of bed and get to the doctor's office.
  1. A big indicator that you should go to the doctor is that you are having trouble breathing. If you are wheezing or making noise as you try to breathe, you should see a doctor.
  2. If you are coughing uncontrollably for an extended amount of time, it is time to see a doctor. A few days of coughing is nothing to worry about, but once the cough has been ongoing for a few weeks, it's time to go see the doctor.
  3. If you are excessively losing fluids to the point of dehydration, see a doctor. Losing too much water is very unhealthy. Losing fluids for a brief amount of time may be okay, but if it continues, see a doctor right away.
  4. If you feel shaky and tired all of the time, see a doctor. Also, if you have a high fever or chills, it's best to see a doctor. All of these symptoms combined could be something more serious than you realize.
  5. If you are in a lot of physical pain which makes everyday existence unbearable, see a doctor. Do not assume that the pain will just go away in a day or two. You could seriously have hurt yourself and not even know it.
  6. See a doctor if you are experiencing dizzy spells. Dizzy spells are very serious and can be harmful. For example, if you feel dizzy to the point of collapsing when walking around, it's important to see a doctor right away so you do not fall and hurt yourself.
  7. If you have recently lost or gained a lot of weight and do not know why, see a doctor. Rapid weight loss or gain is unhealthy and may be a sign of a serious problem. If you gained weight from eating pizza every day for a month, then skip the doctor, but also skip the pizza from now on.
  8. If you have had insomnia for an extended amount of time, go and see a doctor. Sleeping badly for a night or two is not a reason to see a doctor, because it may be due to something small. However, if you haven't been able to sleep for weeks, that's a problem which should be investigated.
  9. Hold off on seeing a doctor if you have a runny nose for a few days or a small cut on your arm. Small and simple things tend to heal themselves in a few days. However, if whatever your symptoms are persist for an extended amount of time, no matter how small they are, it may be worth seeing a doctor.
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